name that crabapple

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name that crabapple

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Hi, new here, short version of the story: I have a weird's not even a tree, it's a short ugly bush with no main stem, just loads of branches coming out of the ground. It has bright pink flowers in early spring, and horrible spotty yellow fruit, nothing eats them, not even my goats - but they're BIG for crabapples. Biggest I've seen. And they don't have long stems like cherries like most crabapples, they have practically no stem at all, hanging very firmly against the branches. It's very productive for such a little bush, but my question is what kind of crabapple is it, and more importantly, should I keep it around for pollination or get rid of it? I'm putting in a 2 or 3 edible varieties this year in the same area of the yard as this "specimen." Thanks for any advice you might have!

attached a picture taken last year. the crabapple was not the focus of the pic, but that is most of the bush in the background

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Re: name that crabapple

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Are you sure it is not a flowering quince? Mine have reddish-pink flowers and bushy like yours. I have two and they produce little yellow fruits. Thay are only in the ground the third spring now, but I expect when they are matured will resemble yours. BTW - does it have a few stickers or short dried branches on the stems?
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