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Small 24 tree orchard, mostly on G30 rootstock, a couple of B9's and a M7. 4 foot of cleaned 1" around each tree, bug traps hanging everywhere, electric fence for the deer.
The varities are: Liberty (9), Pristine (4), Arkansas Black (4), Hawkeye (2), Priscilla (2), Sundance (2) and one Melrose.
I bought all the trees from Cummins nursery in Newyork, I bought eight trees a year until I got to twenty four.
I'm researching drip irrigation systems right now any info would be helpful, I want to go overhead with the mainlines and drop to each tree with three small lines. I keep it mowed so I don't want to move lines, and I think line maintenance will be easier, with overhead.

This is a great forum the best I've found so far
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Are you supporting the trees? A trellis system might be helpful for support and irrigation
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