God's Little Acre Nursery - San Jose CA

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God's Little Acre Nursery - San Jose CA

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What a neat little place to visit! I bought my first apple tree here and it was really a fun experience. It's a home-grown nursery business, the kind that are becoming few and far between these days.

The owner was friendly and helpful, and answered all my questions I had, plus offered suggestions and asked questions about what I really needed. This helped steer me to a tree that I'm very pleased with. There were lots of trees to choose from, including some beautifully trained trees on trellises that would look great on a patio.

Most of the trees he had in stock were already bearing fruit and there were plenty of apple varieties to choose from, as well as many varieties of citrus trees.

I will definitely go back and it was such an enjoyable experience, I'm bringing my husband to make an afternoon of it! Also if you'd enjoy a drive through some beautiful pastoral scenery, continue on up Camden and hook onto Uvas Rd. You can follow it for miles up to Uvas Dam through some beautiful rolling hills.

God's Little Acre Nursery
19810 Almaden Rd
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 927-8868
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