Seeking Apples and Scions

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Seeking Apples and Scions

Post by declan88 »

Apple - request for apples and scions

Hello All

I am looking for a good quantity 42kg (6.5 stone) of apples and 3.5kg (0.5 stone) of crab apples and scions of any of the varieties of the following apples:

Broxwood foxwhelp
Kingston black
Ross nonpareil
Rubinette rosso
Api etoile 1 in uk
Aromatic russet 0 in uk
*Cornish gilliflower(4)
*Black gilliflower
*Darcy Spice(4) (taste christmas cake)

If anyone has any of these and would be happy for me to come and forage and or has the trees and would be happy to supply f few shoots, please get in touch.

Thanks alot :-)

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Re: Seeking Apples and Scions

Post by GenePaul »

I am looking for scion wood or, preferably, a tree of 'Robert's Red' crabapple. Any help appreciated.
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