Apple Tree questions

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Apple Tree questions

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I'm somewhat new to Apple Growing, but I research a lot.
I have a Honeycrisp apple Tree which received its first crop last year. Very small crop. This year is heavy and the apples as of today are about 2 inches in size, so I think all is good with this tree.

I have a Golden Grimes and a Staymen Winesap Apple. Last year both of these had huge crops, but literally no apples got any bigger than 1/2 inch.
This year the same, but I learned about thinning and opening the tree to sun, so as of today the apples are again about 1/2 inch in size.
Is this normal for this time of year or do I have any additional problem.

I live in Southern Oregon. The spring has been pretty mellow this year, not much rain. I have about 25 different fruit trees and except for the apples and maybe the pears all other fruit is developing quickly in size. Temperature has been moderate, mostly high 70's to low 80's.
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Re: Apple Tree questions

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It's difficult to say what size the fruitlets should be in your area, however apples need a longer growing season than some other fruits (plums, cherries) so they are bound to still look fairly immature.
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