What is this?

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Chuck Rhode
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What is this?

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Please help me identify this whip. I have a pretty good notion that this is Budagovsky (the Bud 9 rootstock). It came up volunteer in my orchard where I had removed a flowering crab apple, and it seems identical to the red B9 suckers that sometimes sprout around my dwarf eating apples. I let it grow to see what would become of it and to have the start of a stool bed if that's what it is.

It's growth habit is spindly and weepy on my sandy soil. It grows fast, though. The foliage is darker than I remember the crab apple's being, and the fruit is smaller on much longer stems. The showy flowers are a knock-out pink.

I have successfully grafted an apple to it, so, yes, it's an apple, I think.

Are there other red root stocks that might have been used from time to time to propagate flowering crabs?
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Re: What is this?

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I agree it looks like Bud.9, and I don't think any other apple rootstocks have such pronounced anthocyanin pigmentation.
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