bellefleur kransy?

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bellefleur kransy?

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Hi all, hope you lovely people can help in new here so please don't be too harsh. Whilst out over the past few days id noticed several apple trees and wondered what they were so eventually sent my hubby to collect one of the fruits today. Upon cutting it horizontally it has the typical star in the middle which is a dead give away of apples. Now ive checked it against the national fruit collection database and tried a small piece and from all its characteristics and taste i think its according to the nfc called a bellefleur kransy originally Russian. Or some hybrid of it. Is this possible its a very dark red like old blood kind of red with brown mottles the flesh is mainly white but has this pink colour inplaces typically rings throughout. It tasted sweet as well but there isan abudnace of these close by and as my daughters love wild picking of fruit and apples this seems too good to pass up. There's no major roads or anything close by. Any thoughts? X
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Re: bellefleur kransy?

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Were the trees in some kind of intentional planting?

Or perhaps a stray bird or racoon planted seedling beside the road? Kinda helps to know.
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