Apple Varieties true from Seed ?

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Apple Varieties true from Seed ?

Post by Kent »

I'm interested in identifying those very few varieties of apple which have developed a reputation for coming largely true from seed. I know this is against all understanding about apples and cross-pollination. Never-the-less, there a a few apple varieties which have been identified as largely able to carry their characteristics over into seedlings, and that is what makes them interesting.

Dutchess of Oldenberg, Snow, and Nickajack are all I have found so far.

Please let me know if you have heard of others.
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Re: Apple Varieties true from Seed ?

Post by appledude »

I think I've heard that Beautiful Arcade throws more or less uniform progeny.
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Re: Apple Varieties true from Seed ?

Post by Greyt.Chase »

I believe that Shiawassee does as well, but it's a Snow/Fameuse offspring. I'm trying to remember what other ones were listed as growing as "true to seed" in Tom Burford's book that i've been reading.
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Re: Apple Varieties true from Seed ?

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Presumably all these varieties are self-fertile to some degree.
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