PLEASE HELP! Pollination ?'s

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PLEASE HELP! Pollination ?'s

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Excited to join this forum! This is my first post!

I have planted a Goldrush and Galarina Apple tree last spring. I'm looking to add another tree or two to my yard. I have looked at a lot of pollination charts but none seem to list Galarina on the chart. Thus I am unable to verify that these two trees (Galarina and Goldrush) will pollinate each other. I am aware that this site list them as pollination partners but it's the only place I've seen them listed. So I ask...Are these two compatible? And which trees can I add that would be good tasting apples and would also pollinate each other?

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Re: PLEASE HELP! Pollination ?'s

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Yes, GoldRush and Galarina should be compatible. Galarina is not well known so that is probably why you don't see much about it.
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Re: PLEASE HELP! Pollination ?'s

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Your second question, What other apples can be grown that offer pollen for each other (more correctly said, as insects do the action) is best approached by asking yourself: What do I want in an apple?

You've already got mid-late bloom with GoldRush, so you can work forward with that, or take on a late bloomer, if one draws your attention. All you need is some overlap. Most apples bloom in the middle of a Bell curve, so you have plenty to choose from. Only some are very early or very late. If you have a long bloom cycle, such as occurs in England and California, then it may be tougher. Bloom in my area happens in little over 3 weeks.
I've read "The Best Apples to Buy and Grow," Brooklyn Publishing, and it changed my perspective and gave me good choices. Summer Rambo (AKA Rambour Franc) may offer debut fruit in my yard next year as one result.

Some apples have frost tolerant flowers. Lord Lambourne & Worcester Pearmain are earlier, Sturmer Pippin is mid and Court Pendu Plat late, all with frost tolerant bloom. These are not typical cultivars, so if you want one you may have to get these grafted for you. Some can be bench grafted for you cheaply, but you must care for them more to get them established. Greenmantle and Maple Valley Orchards are just two that make bench grafts. Their lists are wonderful.

Some reading for specific purposes can open a window for further options. Ben Watson's "Cider Hard & Sweet" has lists of apples that can be pressed into cider, and offer other uses for someone who does not plan for cider. Also check Raintree's charts to get a feel for what you might like, and keep looking.
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