Apples, plums and cherries, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

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Apples, plums and cherries, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

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Hi there,

I am a new member. I have read a bunch of forum posts, looking for information for zone 8, the gulf islands of BC. I have picked up snippets here and there, but nothing specifically for this area. We are starting from scratch on a 1 acre treed lot. Will be knocking down at least 1/3 of the trees (spruce/fir). I want to have fruit trees, berries and a huge veggie patch.

I am just learning about Permaculture and the ideas behind Hugelkultur. I will be incorporating these ideas into planting. At least for the veg, but expect this program would help trees too?

I am hoping to have good flavoured eating apples, and pears, with some variety for making cider, as the crop is established. Can anyone recommend another post or place to look for types to grow with good flavour, lasting qualities and disease resistance? We are a bit away from the shore, so will have some protection from the wind etc... A bit warmer than the shoreside properties.

Ideas, thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Apples, plums and cherries, Gulf Islands, British Columb

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Your climate is quite similar to the southern parts of the UK, so you may find that English varieties such as Cox, which don't always do well in the more continental climates of the US, can be grown in your area. It's not disease resistant though!
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