New to the apple tree world!

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New to the apple tree world!

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Hey everyone! I'm somewhat new to the world of apple trees and have a few questions. First off, I live in southern Ohio and planted 6 semi-dwarfs in the Fall- 2 Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Jonared, Orleans Antique and Goldrush. They're about 3 feet tall now and are doing pretty well overall. I did notice last night a few of them have lush green leaves and then a few that aren't growing as well have really light colored leaves? What are they lacking or getting too much of? We recently sprinkled some lime around them also. I'm wanting to buy a few more to plant in the next couple of weeks. Top of my list was the Grimes Golden, but everywhere seems to be Sold Out. Any suggestions where I should look? Any helpful hints for a successful mini orchard are appreciated. :-)
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Re: New to the apple tree world!

Post by dmtaylor »

Welcome to apple growing! It is a very rewarding experience, although I'll warn you that patience is a requirement. Planted from whips, you might see fruit in the second year at earliest, but often it takes an extra season or two to get very much at all, and I have one tree that took about 6-7 years to fruit at all. So... don't be in a rush!

It is too late now in May to order more trees from most nurseries -- usually you need to have your orders in by February or no later than March, and even those dates are pushing it -- early winter is best time to get your orders in.

It is also too early in the season to know how well your apples will do. Some leaf out differently than others, take more time, etc. The best thing you can do is perhaps just to leave your trees alone and let them grow! Water is important the first year. Give them a good watering twice per week unless it rains. But don't overdo the watering because that's not good either! If in doubt, it's better to under-water than to overdo it.

Overall, be patient and just let them grow this year. Training the branches will help as well. Remove any branches that appear within about 2 to 2.5 feet from the ground, and only let the upper ones grow out. A 45-degree angle is best. Use clothes pins on the main trunk to hold down the shoots that grow too vertical. Other than that, just leave them to grow!

Have fun!
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