Newtown Pippin search

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Newtown Pippin search

Post by Danpucci »

I am currently in pursuit of Newtown Pippin from across the country for an ongoing project that will be presented at CiderCon in Baltimore this Winter. We are looking to add to our collection.

Myself and Darlene Hayes are working on a project about regional variation within apples and how those conditions effect the fruit. We did a presentation last month in NYC cider week with Heritage radio network. You can listen to the podcast here. ... wn-pippin/

We have a collection of over 30 apples thus far from Virginia, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, California. We are looking for some more sources and I came across your listing on Orange Pippin.

We are looking for 3 apples as samples shipped to California for our photography and chemical analysis.

Anyways if you have any fruit left I would love to get some samples from a different part of the country. If you are interested I will send you the rest of the questions about the trees and the orchard.

Thank you,

Dan Pucci
Merle Hawggard
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Re: Newtown Pippin search

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Wish I could help, but my newton pippin is a one year old whip! My son wanted me to add it to the orchard this past year. Good luck with your project!
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