Scarlet Staymared

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Scarlet Staymared


I am brand new to this forum and I'm looking for help or advice.

Many years ago (1950s/60s)my grandfather had a small private apple orchard. Most of his trees were Scarlet Staymared which is/was a sport variety of Stayman Winesap and was developed by J. H. Dickey in Wenatchee, WA and subsequently sold to Stark Bros. My grandfather bought the trees from Stark.

My grandfather's orchard is now long gone but I am looking for a source for the Scarlet Staymared that I could plant a couple on my property in New Hampshire.

I have searched the internet far and wide. There is a place in Australia called "The Lost Seed" that apparently sells Scarlet Staymared scions but they do not ship to the US. In addition, since they are in the southern hemisphere, scion availability would be out of sync for the northern hemisphere.

There is also a place in the UK called "The National Fruit Collection" that has indicated that they may be able to supply scions but I'd need an import permit from the USDA......which in my desperation I have applied for.

My question for the forum is this: Since the variety originated in the US, you would think it must still exist somewhere in the US. Does anyone have a source for this variety or any advice for me that might help me locate it?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

David Daoust
Stratham, NH
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