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Catch-up pruning and care

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 8:36 am
by Not Tolkiens Pippin
So it looks as if I've done most things wrong thus far. Planted a James Grieve an a Fiesta (2 yr olds) I'm pretty sure in Autumn 2018 ... pot grown on M106. DMay have done a little winter pruning ... really can't remember.
They both flowered profusely and I allowed both to fruit after much thinning. Meant to but forgot to winter prune! Another year of flowering and fruiting and its obvious they both need to be pruned and maybe too get a year's rest!
How far back do I prune ... into 2020 growth or back into 2019 growth ... I have a feeling I need to be a bit brutal. And should I absolutely give them a year's break in 2021?
My damson (planted in the Spring of 2018) is a much better shaped tree. But then I know from experience of growing them on a previous garden that they will only fruit when they are ready ... I guess with apples you have to be the responsible one that says NO sometimes!