amere de berthecourt cider apple tree care?

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amere de berthecourt cider apple tree care?

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I have a couple of amere de berthecourt cider apple trees I planted around 2 years ago. I am espallier training the trees and need to do some heavy pruning. Anyone grow these trees and have any pruning or care suggestions? The limbs are long and whip-like so I am having a bit of a difficult time figuring out where this tree fruits as there are not distinguishable fruit buds.

I am also wondering if I should consider saving the pruned limbs for scions? Is there a best time to prune scions and how should they be stored?


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Re: amere de berthecourt cider apple tree care?

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When the tree grows whippy it usually is a tip-bearer, it also means they're a bear to 'train' as one hopes for the fruit to do the growth-restriction/"pruning" for us. Tie em down, loop them, festoon them- weave and tuck. Summer prune-once in late July. Just some ideas.
I'd love to get a stick of scionwood!
Cut annual wood-conveniently to 10-12" wrap in moisten newspaper, then into a baggy, doubled with another, store at 32 in fridge-crisper, but away from fruit- apples etc might give off some ethylene promoting sprouting as I understand. They'll store until the last of the rafting season ~July.
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