Bird control-Advice please!

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Bird control-Advice please!

Post by Kelen123 »

Does anyone have a good recommendation for bird control? Some nasty of birds are always nesting in the corners of my garden. And they eat up all the fruits. They first destroyed all the peaches in my garden. Now they target the apples which are my favorite. One of my friends told about netting to control the nesting and attack of the birds. He says it is a method used for massive removal of pest birds, but under constant supervision. He has done this with the help of Hawkeye bird control specialists ( ... re-netting )

Does anyone know more about this? Will the netting be strong enough to control the attack of birds? And is that expensive?
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Re: Bird control-Advice please!

Post by Carl on Cape Cod »

I can't comment directly on the use of netting on apple trees, but I do know that bird netting can be quite effective for some fruits.

There is a farm nearby that has two, one-acre fields of blueberries, and they have a heavy frame around each field, and then use bird netting to enclose the entire area (the netting is over the top like a ceiling, as well as around the sides). I think that the netting is just 1 inch polypropylene. They extend the netting sometime before the fruit starts to ripen, and then roll it back once the harvest is done. I've spoken with the owner, and he tells me that it is just about 100% effective, although they do have to do some small repairs from time to time.
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Re: Bird control-Advice please!

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The problem with bird netting is getting it on and off the trees.

Do you know what kind of birds they are? Do you have pictures?

Disrupting the nests may help.

Shotguns work.
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