Winesap Pollination

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Winesap Pollination

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Hi there I would appreciate your help. I live in El Dorado Hills above Sacramento. I have about a 1/4 acre lot with the following: Meyer Lemon, Faye Alberta Peach, Pink lady Apple, July Flame Peach, and Mission Fig. I want to purchase a Winesap apple tree but have read the Pink Lady will not cross pollinate with the Winesap. I have A LOT of bees in my backyard due to a couple of plants that I have (Santa Barbara Sage) in particular.

Will my Winesap tree just not produce any apples at all due to not having a another specific apple tree? My Pink Lady tree which is about 2 years old produces a lot of apples thus far which was a surprise to me with the horrible rocky soil we have just to give some background info. I cannot have a total of 3 apple trees as that is too many and my family cannot eat that many apples. Please help with suggestions/thoughts, thanks
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Re: Winesap Pollination

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I think Pink Lady will cross-pollinate Winesap.
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