Liberty Pollinators

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Liberty Pollinators

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What sweet-ish semi-dwarf apple trees will pollinate my Liberty? One lady has 1 tree pollinating her Liberty, but "the book" says one needs 2 pollinators.
Carl on Cape Cod
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Re: Liberty Pollinators

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On, there is a really nice fruit tree pollination compatibility checker ... ecker.aspx. I just put in Liberty, and it comes up with 42 options.

One thing to watch out for, since Liberty is a triploid, is that it can not pollinate the tree that you have planted to pollinate it. Therefore, with Liberty, you will either need to:

a) plant two other trees that can cross pollinate each other as well as pollinate Liberty, or
b) plant a self-fertile tree to do the job for Liberty.

(Please note that my understanding is that even a self-fertile tree will be happier having a compatible pollination partner, although I have no practical experience of this for good or for bad.) (If my explanation above is incorrect or incomplete, and there is someone more versed in these things, please do feel free to correct me... I'm book-schooled only, and still learning all of this.)
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