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sunburn protection and apple bagging

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:00 am
by jhatchett
I have two small orchards in NE Oklahoma, both in remote areas of woods and scattered pasture. I have protected the trees with cages for deer and short electric fence for raccoons and irrigate in the dry months with pond water and 5 gal buckets when the soil is dry. I have just started to get mature apples this year and am having problems with sunburn necrosis on Honeycrisp and Kidds Orange Red. I sprayed diligently with Surround for pest protection and sunburn protection and have good luck so far with Rubinette (mild sunburn), Liberty, and Arkansas Black. I have 3 Winesap apples on a cordon tree that look great now in mid August. All have been sprayed with Surround. My big apples are the problem. I am looking for a protectant for sunburn necrosis. Raynox? Calcium chloride?
Zip Lock apple bags? Brown sandwich paper bags? Can I start with Surround in the early spring and then bag after early insect pests have passed?

Here are my other trees; any prone to sunburn I should especially look out for?
Grimes Golden, Granny Smith, Liberty, Freedom, Jonagold, GoldRush, Cripps Pink, Williams Pride, Golden Delicious, Bramley's Seedling