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Pruning Trees Personally

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:16 am
by DannyAppleSeed
Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather before the real cold kicks in.

We have three Empire trees that have been on the property since we bought it and every year we have had this nice old man from a local lawn maintenance company (just him and his sons) but this year they are not able to come out to ours. I have taken it upon myself to prune the trees now that they are pretty empty and I am now just in need of a good tree pruner.

The trees are about 8 feet tall each and 10 feet around I would say so I will be bringing the ladder out with me. Should I still be getting a telescopic pruner or would a shorter one be fine for right now? Any tips appreciated, thanks everyone :)

I called up the number for our old maintenance company and asked them what to get for the yard and I was talking with the eldest son who told me to look on where they has listed most of their equipment. He told me what pruner they used at my house and I thanked him then went online and found the pruner I need. Now its time to work on those trees!