Cydia pomonella

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Chuck Rhode
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Cydia pomonella

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That's codling moth (C. pomonella), the worm in the apple, and this is for those of you who have backyard electronic weather stations and are running a Linux-based PC in the kitchen.

Take a look at the weeWX software suite (written by Tom Keffer) for managing that weather station and collecting backyard weather statistics.

I know it's late for everybody but me. My trees just started to bloom today, and I'm deploying my pheromone traps tomorrow. By now, most of you have set your "biofix," the cumulative degree-days of growth that signals the start of the first flight of codling moth. Normally this occurs right around 175 DDG(°F) if you start counting on New Year's Day. (Sorry, Aussies.) This is not heating-degree-days, but it is similar. Technically it's a single-sine-wave model of daily temps with horizontal cut-off at 88°F and threshold of 50°F, and it can be summarized in a table that can be worked with a pencil and paper according to directions.

... but what fun is that? If you're already running one of these weather-station gizmos, you can automagically generate yourself a graph of cumulative DDG that shows you when the codling moths in your backyard are going to lay eggs and when those eggs are going to hatch. Then you can spray for either the eggs or the larvae before they get into your apples.

Here is a description of the software extension (written by Yours Truly) to weeWX that makes it all possible.

Death to codling moths!
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Re: Cydia pomonella

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Very interesting, Chuck, and potentially very useful. Thanks for the link to weeWX, and for your work on the cydia extension. I'm going to look into setting it up here.
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